Bitewing X-Rays: Technology At Its Finest

Everyone knows about X-Rays these days, but do we know about Bitewing X-Rays. These ones are specifically for oral care. Bitewing x-ray imaging is the procedure of preference for investigating the existence and degree of decay where back teeth touch each other and in addition, it requires evaluating any bone loss.

Doing these x rays will give an accurate diagnosis of dental decay in-between the teeth. The images that are taken capture the molars and premolars. It will capture four images, which is necessary to capture all the back teeth. Clearly, this represents a technological revolution in health and oral care. If you think about it technology is used for just about everything. There are no limitations. All in all, the more susceptible you are to tooth decay the more frequently you will be required to have this X-Ray done.

Of course, when you are having this X-Ray done you must be wearing an apron to protect the rest of your body or it can cause risks. The exposure is meant to only focus on the teeth the radiation is not meant to seep through to the rest of the body, which would be dangerous. So it is crucial you follow proper instructions. The operation of today’s high-speed film and digital sensor tools has extensively condensed emission exposure while escalating precision.

Whether and how often this procedure should be done is based on certain factors. It will vary on the aspect of age because with children it will reflect the phase and condition in the growth of the teeth; and the threat of tooth decay. From a dentist’s perspective, it will also include periodic examination and assessment of bone levels in the evaluation of periodontal wellbeing. In terms of how frequently it should be done, it should be done as frequently as every six to twelve months at the stage of childhood or teenager development, or for adults with soaring decay rates. If the teeth are not inspected, it could lead to worse things like tooth loss. In the image whiteness that appears will represent tooth enamel.

So for all parents out there, you will probably want to look into this procedure, as it is vital for your child’s health and oral care.

Considering though if not properly done could lead to risks, although it shouldn’t happen if you are dealing with professionals. One probably wonders is there a risk if you have too many x-rays possibly? According to Healthy Debate, the American Dental Association recommends that an individual specifically an adult with decent oral health and a low level of risks with dental problems, ought to have x-rays done approximately every 24 to 36 months. And it is also good to know for those who are concerned about radiation that the amount used in dental x-rays is actually small. So really you have nothing to worry about.


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