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We put a lot of care and skill into pediatric dentistry because we want children to love coming here.

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Emergency Dental

We have dentists on call in case children sustain a mouth injury in sports or other accidents.

$99 Cleaning & Polishing

Children's teeth need regular cleaning too and our special of special 30-minute session includes an x-ray, doctor exam, and scalling and cleaning.

Sedation Therapy

Children who are especially anxious about seeing the dentist have options, depending on their age and health. We strive to put children at ease in the dental chair.

Quicker Appointments

It's hard to keep children interested and occupied so we work to get them in and out quickly and make sure they are comfortable while waiting.

We Listen, Care, and Explain

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Pediatric Dentist in Oshawa, ON

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Children's Dentistry In Oshawa, ON

Being a family dental practice means we care about your children's teeth from the very beginning. We recommend you bring your child in for its first dental visit when their baby teeth start erupting, which is between six months and a year of age.

This allows us to check on your baby's mouth health and make necessary recommendations for keeping new teeth healthy. An early check-up also means we can catch problems before they become serious. We can show you how to properly clean your child's teeth and how to encourage your baby in dental health as they grow.

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Learn how to

Keep Your Teething Baby From Having Pain

Teething is painful and babies don't understand what is happening to them. All you can do is relieve the pain until all primary teeth come in. The two bottom front teeth, called central incisors, are usually the first you will see erupting. A month or two later, the four front upper teeth known as central and lateral incisors will start showing. A month after that you will see the two teeth on the sides of the bottom front teeth appearing. These are lower lateral incisors.

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That means you are going to have months of teething while all the primary teeth come in. The molars are usually the most painful when they erupt because they are bigger. However, the first couple of teeth erupting will be the most difficult for your child because they are having something different and painful happening to them. That is as much scary as it is physically painful.

Ways exist to ease the pain of teething. Put teething rings in the refrigerator and give a cool one to the baby. Make sure it isn't frozen and make that it's a solid teething ring rather than one containing liquid. You can also use a clean frozen or wet washcloth to suck on. You can also massage their gums with clean fingers.

Teething biscuits are generally fine to use but you should watch the child while they eat it because a broken chunk could be a choking hazard.

Don't soak teething rings or other items in a sugary drink or substance because they may cause cavities. Some over-the-counter remedies work but you will need to talk to your dentist about which one is best for your child, given his or her age and weight. They will also tell you how many times you can use an OTC remedy safely. Remember, teething is going to last for months so you can't rely on medications all the time.

Our dentists at Taunton Village Dental will be happy to guide you on how to relieve your child's teething pain while keeping them safe. We want to be your pediatric dental expert and look forward to taking care of your whole family.

The First Dental Visit in Oshawa, Ontario

You shouldn't delay your child's first dental visit. A dentist can tell you if your child's teeth are erupting correctly and show you how to teach your child about oral health. The first visit should be when teeth start coming in.

The Visit for First Permanent Teeth

Besides regular cleanings, your child should have a dental visit around 7 years old to ensure their permanent teeth are coming in correctly. Getting a headstart on crowded or crooked teeth will save you in orthodontist costs and help you plan for improving your child's smile later.

Preventing Tooth Decay

Getting children to the dentist is important for preventing cavities. Statistics show that 42% of small children get cavities in their baby teeth and 21% of older children develop cavities in their permanent teeth.

Permanent Teeth

Children will eventually have 28 adult teeth, 32 if you include wisdom teeth. Getting them regular dental appointments will help keep their teeth healthy for life and also instill the idea that the dentist is a good place to go. That will help them make it a habit of getting regular dental check-ups throughout their lives.

Healthy Education

Taking your child to the dentist not only reduces their fear but also allows the dentist to teach them healthy hygiene habits such as brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing. Hearing it from a dentist rather than a parent may amount to more success in getting them to do it.


Regular dental check-ups help dentists stay on top of misaligned or misformed teeth. It is much easier, and cheaper, to fix these problems early so finding them right away will ensure your child will always have a beautiful smile.

Mouth Trauma

Kids who play hard or are in sports can chip or crack teeth. They can also have other types of mouth trauma. We can repair teeth and help prevent injuries by providing mouthguards.


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We have six general care dentists that can meet the needs of your entire family, including your children. Our pediatric care is excellent and we can resolve both big and small concerns. Call us today to make an appointment for your child's first visit with us.


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