Emergency Dentistry in Oshawa

Emergency Dentistry in Oshawa

Need An Emergency Dentist In The Oshawa Area?

The thought of going to an emergency dentist in Oshawa tends to invoke tension and angst for many people.

The anticipation of pain and feeling embarrassed for not having dental care regularly are some of the factors influencing the anxiety people feel. When a painful dental problem occurs, many people are unsure if they should go to an emergency dentist in Oshawa. It’s important to know when a problem can wait for an appointment with a dentist or needs to be taken care of immediately.

Emergency Dentistry in Oshawa

How to Determine If a Dental Problem Is an Emergency

Situations when a dental checkup is needed but not urgent include a mild toothache, a small chip on a tooth, a molar filling that fell out but isn’t painful, or a loose tooth. These dental issues can be taken care of by making an appointment to see a dentist during regular business hours.

The following dental problems may indicate a trip to an emergency dentist in Oshawa.

  • A toothache that causes debilitating pain and prevents someone from going about their daily life or causes severe pain during the night is considered a dental emergency. The toothache could be a sign of a dangerous abscess or a related medical problem.
  • An injury that causes a tooth to be broken, causing a sharp edge that cuts into the tongue needs to be taken care of right away. Leaving the tooth broken will cause more damage and swelling, making it harder to treat later. If the tooth was chipped and you can find the piece that fell out, bring that when you go to see the emergency dentist.
  • An injury that results in one or more teeth falling out requires quick thinking and a trip to an emergency dentist. A baby tooth may not cause trouble, but an adult tooth could be saved. Find the tooth and put it in a container with cold milk. Pack the empty socket with gauze to control the bleeding and get to an emergency dentist right away. Fast actions mean an Oshawa emergency dentist may be able to save the tooth.
  • If a crown comes off a tooth and causes extreme pain, a trip to an emergency dentist may be needed to help with the discomfort.
  • A painful bite to the tongue that won’t stop bleeding could indicate the injury is more serious than thought and should be looked at right away.

These serious dental problems may become much worse if not cared for quickly. If in doubt, and the pain from a dental issue is intolerable, go see an Oshawa emergency dentist.

Taunton Village Dental Services

Taunton Village Dental in Oshawa offers full-service oral care including preventive dental care, restorative dental solutions, cosmetic dental services, and emergency dental care. Dental emergencies caused by playing sports, a car accident, a fall, or any other accident can’t be prevented. But practicing good dental hygiene and seeing a dentist regularly for cleanings and x-rays will do much to prevent dental emergencies. Besides regular dental appointments, remember to brush teeth every day, floss, avoid sugary foods, chew carefully when eating hard candy, and crunchy food items.


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