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Why Do Wisdom Teeth Have to Be Removed so Often?

Wisdom teeth are considered third molars and are the last four teeth to emerge after all other adult teeth have grown in. This typically occurs between the ages of 17 and 25-years-old. Wisdom teeth are located at the very end of the molars on the top, bottom, and both sides of the mouth. Ages ago, when people ate raw foods in their natural state, wisdom teeth were important for chewing. Today, food is cut, chopped, pureed, and cooked, so wisdom teeth are not needed.

When there isn’t enough room in the back of the mouth, wisdom teeth may not be able to erupt or emerge, and they become impacted. There are four types of impacted wisdom teeth.

Mesial Impaction – When the teeth remain partially trapped under the gums and come in on an angle pointing towards the front of the mouth, it’s referred to as a mesial impaction.

Horizontal Impaction – When wisdom teeth come in completely sideways, it’s called horizontal impaction and is the most painful kind of impacted teeth.

Vertical Impaction – If a wisdom tooth comes up in the correct position but remains under the gum-line, it’s a vertical impaction.

Distal Impaction – Like the mesial impaction, a distal impaction means the tooth comes up partially and on an angle, but it points towards the back of the mouth.

Any of these impactions can cause pain, swelling, infection, or even cysts and the tooth or teeth will need to be removed. The two least troublesome impactions are vertical and distal and can remain intact if there is no pain or problems. The most common impaction is mesial, constituting almost all wisdom teeth extractions, and the least common is a distal impaction.

Wisdom teeth removal Oshawa

Taunton Village Dental Services Can Remove Painful Wisdom Teeth

Taunton Village Dental conducts a full examination of your wisdom teeth, including x-rays, to evaluate the position of the teeth and which ones may need to be pulled. While some people need all four teeth pulled, some may only need one, two, or three taken out. When you come in for a tooth extraction, Taunton Village Dental’s friendly and experienced staff make sure you’re comfortable and will administer soothing anesthesia or sedation. State-of-the-art equipment allows for precise removal of each tooth to minimize discomfort.

Wisdom teeth removal does not require an overnight stay, and once you’ve recovered and the pain is under control, you can return home. Our caring staff will provide after-care instructions and contact information in case of any problems. Recovery takes about a week, and a staff member will check with you to see how you’re doing. Don’t ignore the pain caused by impacted wisdom teeth. Let Taunton Village Dental do an examination and evaluation of your wisdom teeth for possible removal to prevent additional health issues and pain.


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