Size matters when it comes to choosing a toothbrush. While we all know the purpose of a toothbrush – removing plaque, cleaning your teeth, and maintaining a fresh mouth – the real job of a toothbrush is to help avoid bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. A toothbrush may be a small item, but used properly, it can make a big difference. (read more…)

With the global economy more unsure than ever, inflation has risen dramatically in the last number of years. Many people simply can’t afford health insurance, so what to do when you can’t pay cash for dental care? Here are some tips for you to save money on quality dental care. (read more…)

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the front teeth could be considered the windows to confidence. After all, whenever you smile, the first thing someone sees, is your front teeth. So what happens when you knock out or lose a front tooth? In this post, we will discuss the best front tooth replacement options. (read more…)

Trauma to the face, particularly the mouth, can cause a chipped, broken or completely knocked out tooth. It is important to have it seen to by the appropriate professional. If a head injury caused severe headache or ear pain, disorientation, dizziness or loss of memory or consciousness, head to the nearest hospital or emergency clinic right away. However, if the only symptom is a chipped, broken or lost tooth, your dentist can sort it out in no time. (read more…)

Do you have dental protection? Do you see precisely how it functions and what it covers? Indeed, dental protection is a gigantic advantage since it spares you a great deal of cash. You can secure your teeth and grin at a small amount of the cost you’d pay without dental protection. Still, scope is frequently confounding. You have to comprehend what you may or may not be able to on your present arrangement. Here’s a manual for understanding your dental protection. (read more…)

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