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Why Is Family Dentistry Important for Oral Health

Why Is Family Dentistry Important for Oral Health?

There’s some good news surrounding the dental industry in Canada. From 2015 to 2020, the market has grown by 1.3%, and household spending on dentistry has risen by 7.1%. The average Canadian household spends a minimum of $430.00 on services, which is up from $350.00 in 2017. Why the recent development? Perhaps it’s because more people are seeing the

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7 Top Dental Trends for 2020

7 Top Dental Trends for 2020

The field of dentistry is broad and as technologies evolve, new trends pop up every year, and 2020 is already experiencing these trends. It’s been predicted that this year will be filled with easy-to-implement digital dental trends, which will cut across improved business practices, Robo-dentists, new technologies, as well as new ways to deliver better

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