Important Reasons for Dental Consultations

Important Reasons for Dental Consultations

No one looks forward to going to the dentist but it doesn’t have to be a time of anxiety either. Understanding why you should have a dental consultation may help you feel more in control of your oral healthcare in your dental appointments.

Dental consultations are ways for you to monitor your overall oral health and become aware of any problems. It allows you to remedy problems earlier than normal so you experience less pain or more invasive procedures. Most of all, a dental consultation can help your teeth feel their healthiest.

There are four specific, practical reasons why you should make an appointment for your next dental consultation today.

Prevent Tooth and Gum Loss

The primary reason to go to dental consultations is to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Dentists and hygienists use treatments during these consults that prevent things like tooth decay and gum disease.

Cleanings during these visits help prevent cavities and keep gums in place. Removing plaque and tartar from your teeth’s surface reduces bacteria in your mouth and that prevents things like tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Dental consultations can identify problems early so they can be properly addressed.

Consultations Lead to Less Invasive Treatments

Problems that are caught in the early stages can often be treated with less invasive procedures than those that have reached a level where there is pain. Problems that advance to a level of infection may require things like extractions, antibiotics, and even surgery.

All of that can be prevented with regular dental consultations. Problems identified early may be able to be treated with a filling rather than a root canal or surgery. That means less pain, less recovery time, and less money.

Consultations Save Money

Going to the dentist twice a year may seem like a burden but the truth is these regular exams save you money over the long haul. You or your insurance will pay for the office visit, X-rays, dental cleaning, and exam but that is less costly than going for emergency dental work when you have a swollen jaw and pain from an infection.

That advanced problem will cost more money to treat because you will need things like a root canal or an extraction. Then, you will need an implant or some type of tooth replacement for the missing tooth. It is much cheaper to keep your teeth and do what it takes to keep them healthy.

Prevent Oral Cancer

The American Cancer Society reports that 54,540 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed yearly with around 11,580 people dying annually from it. You can avoid the worst of the statistics with regular dental consultations that screen for oral cancer.

Dentists do oral cancer screenings while they perform the exam. It doesn’t hurt and chances are you won’t even know they are screening. Yet, this simple diagnostic can save your life.

What Happens During a Dental Consultation

A dental consultation is a regular office visit that patients should have twice a year. X=rays of your teeth and gums are done once a year during these visits. A hygienist will clean your teeth in preparation for the dentist to do the exam. This is a surface clean.

Those who have anxiety about dental visits should talk to the hygienist before they start work. They need to know about gagging reflexes before they start taking X-rays and those with severe anxiety can have sedation therapy to calm them during the cleaning and evaluation.


In some cases where plaque and tartar accumulate, the hygienist may advise that deep cleaning of your teeth be done. This is arranged in a second, follow-up appointment.

Hygienists or dentists who do deep cleanings will first numb the area they are going to work on. Usually, they will do one side of the mouth in one appointment and the other side of the mouth in a second appointment.

The procedure doesn’t hurt and the numbing medicine simply allows you to feel pressure.

The primary difference between a deep cleaning and a general cleaning is a deep tooth cleaning allows the dentist or hygienist to go under the gumline to remove plaque and tartar. A general cleaning removes plaque and tartar from the tooth’s surface only.

A general surface cleaning will still be done for a basic evaluation even if you need a deep cleaning so the dentist can better examine your teeth. The session typically ends with a swish of mouthwash and some flossing by the hygienist.

A dentist will review any X-rays and perform a visual exam of your teeth. The dentist will use a tool to measure the depth of any cavities, decay, or gum recession.

You will hear the dentist call out numbers. These refer to specific teeth and the condition of each.

Your dentist will go over the results when they’ve completed the exam. Recommendations will then be made and any follow-up appointments will be scheduled. You may be sent to an office staff member to work out financial arrangements or insurance billing. That can be helpful because many offices offer flexible payments, interest-free financing, and other options to pay.

Getting a dental consultation isn’t painful or scary. It’s an easy convenient way to check your oral health and fix any problems caught during the exam. It can save your teeth and even save your life.

These types of appointments leave your teeth feeling clean and your mouth fresh. That makes them worthwhile for many people. Schedule your dental consultation today!


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