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7 Great Reasons Why You’ll Love Moving to Oshawa, Ontario

Are you looking for a city where affordable living blends in with stunning natural beauty? Why not move to Oshawa, Ontario?

Oshawa’s metro area currently has a population of 410,000 people, an increase of 0.99% from 2022. So it’s not as populated as Ottawa with 880,000 people.

I have lived here for the past 7 years and I couldn’t have wished for a better place.

In this article, I’ll share with you my 7 great reasons why Oshawa might be the ideal place for you, especially if you desire a vibrant, thriving community.

From the warmth of the local bonds to the vibrant entertainment scenes, let’s explore the city of Oshawa together.

1. Oshawa Offers Affordable Living Options

Oshawa Offers Affordable Living Options

Oshawa doesn’t just offer a roof over your head; it provides an affordable lifestyle. I’ve cherished the experience of living comfortably without the financial stress that often accompanies city life.

You know, it’s like that warm blanket on a chilly evening. It doesn’t leave you shivering, yet it comforts you.

I’ve had my fair share of city life, where your paycheck is cut in half the moment it hits your bank account.

But that’s not the case in Oshawa. Here, you can finally enjoy the pleasures of life without that nagging financial stress. It’s like getting a bonus cupcake with your coffee – what a delight!

It’s like discovering a magical pocket in your jeans where your loose change just keeps multiplying. Oshawa allows you to savor the good stuff without getting drowned with city-sized expenses.


2. Live and Enjoy a Vibrant Community

Live and Enjoy a Vibrant Community

Oshawa is more than a city. It’s one big, welcoming family that’s ready to give you a warm bear hug.

If you think your neighbors are just some random faces across the street, think again.

They’re like the friends you’ve been meaning to meet. Here are ways to step out and joy the community:

  • Join local clubs for lasting connections.
  • Savor Oshawa’s diverse cuisine for a taste of community.
  • Volunteer to make friends and make a difference.
  • Immerse in cultural festivals and events.
  • Explore Oshawa’s nature for a stronger bond.
  • Host neighborhood gatherings for tight-knit connections.

You know, the kind of place where they’ve already got your order brewing before you even ask. Oshawa has that same level of warm familiarity, where it feels like you’ve known these folks for ages. Isn’t that impressive?

In Oshawa, you’ll enjoy unmatched local events. When everyone gathers, they share stories, enjoy good laughs, and create memories.

It’s like a well-worn book where each event adds a new chapter, and friendships are the starring characters.

You’d discover a neighborhood that truly cares about you in this city. It’s not merely a city; it’s where you’re introduced to a whole-hearted embrace, a place where you’re not a stranger for long.

3. Relish Nature With Natural Beauty

Relish Nature With Natural Beauty

Think about this: each morning, you open your eyes to the breathtaking view of Lake Ontario. This is what you can expect from moving to Oshawa.

Oshawa is a sanctuary of natural beauty that surrounds you every day.

You no longer need elaborate weekend getaways because nature’s wonders are right at your doorstep. It offers inviting parks that seem to say, “Take a stroll, savor the gentle breeze,” and trails that practically beg you to join their adventures.

The conservation areas are the real magic in Oshawa. They’re like hidden gems where the world fades into the background.

No noisy traffic or chaotic rush – just you, the beauty of nature, and a profound sense of peace.

It’s like having a personal haven, right in your backyard. Here, nature becomes your closest companion, a daily source of peace and rejuvenation.

4. Favorable Educational Opportunities

Favorable Educational Opportunities

Education is what defines the community here in Oshawa.

In this city, we’re envisioning the next generation of bright thinkers and accomplished individuals. This is possible due to the ‘value’ the community has placed in her educational system.

The schools here are exceptional at fostering a sense of belonging. It’s a place where teachers know your children by their names, and where lifelong friendships are forged.

When the time comes to think about higher education, Oshawa boasts renowned institutions that offer more than just a degree.

For example, Durham College, Ontario Tech University, and Trent University Durham were ranked among Canada’s top research universities and colleges in 2022.

The schools here are highly recommended as they provide the space and support your kids need to nurture their dreams and turn them into real accomplishments.

In Oshawa, education isn’t confined to textbooks. Quality education is all about transforming aspirations into concrete achievements.

Keep these tips in mind to benefit from all the educational opportunities in Oshawa:

  • Maximize online courses for flexibility and growth.
  • Leverage community resources for practical learning.
  • Collaborate on local projects to gain hands-on experience.
  • Tap into mentorship networks for personalized guidance.
  • Attend public lectures and workshops for continuous education.

5. Oshawa is a Growing Economic Hub

Oshawa is a Growing Economic Hub

Oshawa is one of the fastest growing cities in Ontario. The GDP in 2022 was projected at 4.4% with a 2.2% increase in 2023, according to Durham Post.

This dynamic landscape brims with opportunities for diverse skill sets.

It’s like being handed a menu with options that cater to your unique tastes.

For entrepreneurs, Oshawa is the ultimate launchpad. It provides a nurturing ground to achieve your business’ short and long-term goals.

It’s the kind of place where your innovative ideas find the support they need to take flight, like a sapling growing into a mighty oak.

As someone who’s watched this city evolve, I’ve seen it transform dreams into reality. In Oshawa, you’re encouraged to pursue your heartfelt passion, instead of chasing a paycheck.

Oshawa is a land of opportunity. It’s where your career can flourish, and your entrepreneurial spirit can soar to new heights. Another great reason to consider moving here, do you think so?

6. Enjoy Cultural and Recreational Activities

Enjoy Cultural and Recreational Activities

Oshawa brims with plenty of cultural and recreational activities. It provides a lively tapestry of experiences for new and old residents alike.

Museums aren’t just dusty relics; they’re treasure troves of stories and discoveries that whisk you away into the past.

You’ll find different sports and games to participate in while you’re here. Sporting events are a shared passion that unites the community.

The roar of the crowd in the local arena during a hockey game is like an old friend’s hearty laugh, contagious and full of life.

Oshawa puts on a show every day to entertain and inspire you. There’s no dull moment in the city as every day brings a new chapter. I’ve laughed, danced, and made memories here that have become a part of me.

Each day is an opportunity for a fresh page of your life’s journal to be unveiled, and your unique story shared.

7. Oshawa is a Grandeur Location

Oshawa is a Grandeur Location

Oshawa is located on the Lake Ontario shoreline, approximately 60 km east of Downtown Toronto.

This makes Oshawa a warm and inviting place to live. It’s the city’s well-kept secret, and it offers you something truly extraordinary.

You’re practically neighbors with Toronto, making the grandeur of the big city seamlessly accessible while preserving the enchantment of Oshawa.

To enjoy this breathtaking scenery, you should step out and:

  • Capture stunning sunrise and sunset moments along Lake Ontario’s shores.
  • Embark on spontaneous road trips to explore neighboring charming towns.
  • Experience Oshawa’s annual meteor shower events in nature’s finest theater.
  • Engage in watersports and fishing adventures on Lake Ontario’s pristine waters.
  • Stroll through Oshawa’s secret garden spots, uncovering picturesque views.

Oshawa isn’t merely a place to find a house; it’s a place to find a home where your aspirations can take root, thrive, and grow.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a locale that combines affordability, warm hospitality, natural wonders, educational promise, economic potential, a thriving cultural scene, and the convenience of being close to neighboring cities, Oshawa beckons as the place where your next life chapter begins.

Oshawa is an experience, an expedition, and a prospect waiting to be embraced. Come, and immerse yourself in this remarkable and serene city of Oshawa, Ontario.

You’ll love it here!


All in all, Oshawa is more than a city that offers opportunities and experiences beyond what you could ever imagine.

In Oshawa, you have a sense of belonging with boundless opportunities. Affordable living, exceptional education, a warm community, and stunning natural beauty.

This city nurtures careers and entrepreneurial dreams, making aspirations a reality.

Oshawa’s vibrant entertainment scene ensures there’s never a dull moment. It’s a place where each day you write a new chapter in your story.

Come to Oshawa and discover a life where your dreams not only take root but thrive.


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