The Importance of Family Dentistry for Maintaining Oral Health

Importance of Family Dentistry for Maintaining Your Oral Health

Family is crucial to good oral health for several reasons. A good family dentist that you can trust can take care of oral problems before they get worse, give you an early warning of other health problems, and refer you to specialists for unique problems with your mouth and those of your family.

It's important to go to a dentist regularly, at least twice a year, to make the most of treatments for oral health and prevent significant problems.

What Is A Family Dentist?

A family dentist is a medical professional that can address any range of dental issues in kids, adults, and the elderly. They offer a range of dental services from exams and teeth cleaning to X-rays, extractions, root canals, fillings, implants, bridges, whitening, and sealants among other services.

A family dentist is a great resource because they can treat everyone in your family, which provides them with a good medical history of oral care that can prevent problems for all family members.

Having a family dentist is convenient because all of your family member's appointments, insurance, and dental histories are all in one place.


A Family Dentist Can Address Problems Early

The primary reason why it should be included as part of your overall health plan is that a family dentist is well-versed in all types of mouth issues. A dentist can discover problems early with digital X-rays and exams. That means you can find out about issues before they become big problems and get specialized treatment if needed.

Discovering and remedying mouth issues before they cause pain or are visible means you have a better chance of saving teeth and avoiding costly procedures like surgeries. Going to your family dentist is a good preventive measure.

A Family Dentist Can Discover and Prevent Other Health Issues

Family dentistry is pivotal to overall health throughout the body. It's a proven fact that the mouth is a key area for bacteria to grow and that bacteria can travel to other parts of the body. For instance, bacteria from a tooth infection could make its way into the bloodstream and cause other infections, including sepsis.

Scientists also discovered a link between bacteria in the mouth and heart disease and it's been shown that those who snore also have an increased risk of heart problems. A family dentist can lower the risk with regular cleanings and help reduce snoring at night with recommended devices.

Poor oral health has even been linked to cancer as some tooth and gum infections can turn cancerous and travel through lymph nodes to other parts of the body.


In some cases, a family dentist has seen something in the mouth that alerts them to another problem elsewhere in the body. They then refer the patient to a medical physician for that diagnosis. Family dentistry is on the front lines of overall physical health.

A Family Dentist Can Help With Future Mouth Issues

One of the best things about going to a family dentist beginning at a young age is the dentist can get an early picture of any chronic mouth issues you may have. Understanding unique issues help patients plan for future mouth care and prevent many problems.

For instance, taking a child to a dentist early may show that the medications the child takes are causing teeth discoloration or deterioration. A parent can then address this with the pediatrician so the child can have healthy permanent teeth.

A family dentist can also see if teeth are growing properly and refer the parent and child to an orthodontist if teeth are erupting in at odd angles. This will not only give the child a head start in addressing future problems but save money for parents by seeking early treatment.

A Family Dentist Can Provide Emergency Services

A great reason to have a family dentist is that the dental office will be there in case you or other family members need emergency services.

Finding emergency dental care can be challenging if you don't have a regular family dentist. Many offices won't do emergency care for those who aren't already patients. Yet, a family dentist is just a phone call away for emergency care, ensuring that you or your family member won't have to suffer in pain until a dental office opens or until you can get an appointment.

A Family Dentist Is Great For Prevention

Those who are concerned about good oral health will find that regular cleanings and exams will go a long way in preventing teeth and gum problems. Regular cleanings prevent things like gingivitis and gum disease, as well as cavities and other issues.

Some people who have chronic tartar and plaque problems may need to visit a dentist more than twice a year to keep their mouths healthy. Staying on top of your oral care with a family dentist prevents tooth loss and periodontal disease.

Having a dentist that understands the needs of you and your family provides a comfort level for you that you are doing all you can to meet your family's oral health needs. A family dentist can pinpoint hereditary mouth issues based on exams for family members and help the entire family address these types of problems. Make an appointment for an exam with a family dentist and see how much it can help your overall health!


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