Why Choose Our Senior Dentistry Specialist in Oshawa for Your Oral Health

Why Choose Our Senior Dentistry Specialist in Oshawa for Your Oral Health

Senior citizens have a different set of dental needs than other age groups and a specialist that works with those needs is going to better serve older citizens.  That’s why you should choose a practice like ours that has a senior dentistry specialist in Oshawa.

From picking the right procedure to meet a senior citizen’s oral health care needs to figuring out how to pay for it, our office works with older Canadians to ensure their teeth function and look good throughout their lifetime.

Below are five reasons why you should care about having a senior specialist take care of the important older people in your life.

  1. You need an expert in periodontis.

Gum disease affects more older people than any other age group. It can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss, as well as be painful. Someone who understands how to treat gum disease is needed for this age group.

A treatment plan that is thought through is doing to not only treat gum disease but also ensure the medical safety of the senior patient, as some are on medications and have other procedures. We consider all factors in developing a senior citizen treatment plan.

  1. Seniors may need dentures or implants.

It’s not uncommon for seniors to require tooth replacement. There are many options available now including dentures, partial dentures, implant-supported dentures, implants, and bridges. We can walk them through each option so they can make a choice that suits their needs and lifestyle.

It could be hard for some seniors to deal with these types of procedures because they may not like the idea of getting older. Yet, many options feel natural and function as their natural teeth.

We understand how our senior patients may feel about going this these types of changes and can help them through the process where they will be happy with their choice.

  1. Seniors may need restoration dentistry.

Just because people are older doesn’t mean they can’t look great as they age. Teeth turn yellow and wear down as people age and that can affect confidence. It can also diminish the joy in life because it affects how and what they eat and their smile.

We can fix that with options like crowns, veneers, and whitening. The goal is to help their mouths function better so they can enjoy the foods they like and feel confident in how they smile. Today’s seniors are more active than ever and having a good, healthy smile can help them stay active.

We can achieve all of that with our dentists and modern technology.

Our senior specialists can help seniors decide what’s best for them and work with them without judgment.

  1. It’s never too late to break bad habits.

Our staff believes that people are always able to learn and so we put effort into encouraging our senior patients to make the next part of their lives better by breaking bad habits that ruin their teeth and health. That includes smoking and eating unbalanced diets. They grew up in a different era and may not know about the effects of habits on their teeth so we show them the facts with compassion and dignity.

  1. A senior dental specialist can help find money.

Canada has several programs that help senior citizens pay for dental care. The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) was launched in 2023 and is open for Canadian residents aged 65 and older. The Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP) also provides dental care to seniors who are eligible under the income requirements and who don’t have dental benefits in other ways.

Gaining the trust of a senior citizen is a valuable thing. They should be respected and honored. We do that in how we treat them during checking in, exams, procedures, and checking out. Our patients mean a lot to us and we value the trust they put in us.

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We can help those seniors who have avoided dentists because they thought they couldn’t afford it. That is why you should make an appointment with our senior dentistry specialist in Oshawa today!

Another benefit of our dental office is that it offers a warm, welcoming environment for seniors who feel others rush them through paperwork and procedures. Our staff is kind and helpful and our senior dental specialist will take the extra time to explain everything to the patient and family members involved in their care.

Schedule an appointment today and see how different a dental visit can be for senior citizens!


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