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How Can I Stop Bleeding to My Gums

How Can I Stop Bleeding to My Gums?

Unless you experience sudden severe blood loss and swelling, bleeding to the gums generally isn’t a dental emergency. However, bleeding gums should be a dental priority; you should arrange to see a dental professional as soon as possible. Bleeding gums can be caused by many factors and there are various treatments and methods to stop

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Grinding Your Teeth

Why You May Be Grinding Your Teeth

Have you noticed that your teeth have become progressively flattened over the years? Have you ever woken up to the sound of your teeth grinding against each other loudly? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about why you might be grinding your teeth. If you’re dealing with any sort of

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Dental Emergencies

What Are the Common Dental Emergencies?

Canadian’s see their dentists on average 3.54 hours per year. Over 80% of those visits were to a general dentist, and many would have been experiencing common dental emergencies. As a dental surgery, you see many of the same issues daily, all of which need to be treated with speed and the utmost care. Keep

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How to Tell if You Have Cavities

How to Tell if You Have Cavities

96% of Canadians have dealt with cavities at some point in their lives. Sometimes, people might not even know if they are suffering from a cavity. If you’re feeling discomfort, suffering from tooth sensitivity, or have sore gums, you might be worried you have a cavity. You might also be wondering how to tell if you

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