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Can a dentist remove brown stains on teeth?

Can a dentist remove brown stains on teeth?

No one likes brown stains on their teeth. You don’t think about how your teeth will look in years to come when you start drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks, or start smoking. Then, one day, you’re looking at your smile and your teeth look horrible. You vow to change your habits but that won’t get

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The Best Vitamins For Teeth And Gums

The Best Vitamins For Teeth And Gums

Vitamins are essential to our diet and can significantly impact oral health. Vitamins A, C, and D are vital for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Why vitamins are essential for teeth and gums A healthy smile starts with strong teeth and gums, and vitamins are essential in keeping your pearly whites in tip-top shape. Here’s

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Can a Dentist Fix a Chipped Tooth

Can a Dentist Fix a Chipped Tooth?

Getting a chip in a tooth can be disheartening. Not only does it hurt but it looks terrible. Fortunately, a dentist can use a variety of methods to fix a chipped tooth. The method your dentist uses depends on the extent of the tooth damage. Most people will require either bonding or filling although the

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What Is Dental Scaling and Root Planning

What Is Dental Scaling and Root Planing?

7 out of 10 adults in Canada may have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease attacks the gums and teeth, causing inflammation and bleeding. Some people even lose their teeth if it’s not treated. Dental scaling and root planning aim to treat chronic periodontal disease so it does not spread and worsen. But what does scaling and rooting

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Orthodontist oshawa

What is an Orthodontist?

Oral health is an important aspect of overall physical health. Teeth that aren’t properly aligned can lead to issues such as tooth decay, pain, and gum disease. It’s important to get these taken care of to improve your oral health. An orthodontist can help you correct your misaligned teeth. This is often done through treatments

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How Can I Stop Bleeding to My Gums

How Can I Stop Bleeding to My Gums?

Unless you experience sudden severe blood loss and swelling, bleeding to the gums generally isn’t a dental emergency. However, bleeding gums should be a dental priority; you should arrange to see a dental professional as soon as possible. Bleeding gums can be caused by many factors and there are various treatments and methods to stop

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Grinding Your Teeth

Why You May Be Grinding Your Teeth

Have you noticed that your teeth have become progressively flattened over the years? Have you ever woken up to the sound of your teeth grinding against each other loudly? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about why you might be grinding your teeth. If you’re dealing with any sort of

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