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What Types of Dental Care Does a Family Dentist Offer?

Those looking for a dentist may find it helpful to find a family dentist. A family dentist can treat people of all ages from children to senior citizens. Those who use a family dentist find it comforting and practical that one dentist performs services for the entire family.

A family dentist relationship can last for decades as children grow and you get older. It is helpful that your dentist has your entire family history so they can help younger generations with known issues that tend to run in families like weaker teeth, jaw issues, or grinding their teeth.

For you, it’s convenient because you can use one dentist for almost all your family’s dental needs.

Family Dentists vs. General Dentists

Differences exist between family and general dentists. All family dentists are general dentists but not all general dentists are family dentists.

Family dentists will include patients of all ages from young children to those over 65 years old. General dentists can perform all of the same procedures as family dentists but gear their practice to a specific age group like teens and adults. Some may see children also but they don’t specialize in pediatric dentistry. Likewise, they also don’t specialize in geriatric dentistry, although their patients may include older people.

Family dentistry offers a wide array of services. A family dental practice may include several dentists with specialized skills or a dentist with numerous certifications.

Family Dental Services

A family dental office offers all types of services for children, teens, and adults. There are usually more than 20 services a family dentist can perform. Below is a common list.

Different Types of Services

More family dentists are offering services under cosmetic dentistry as well as restorative dentistry. At times, the two may overlap. Cosmetic dentistry includes whitening as well as dental implants and crowns. Restorative dentistry can include fillings, bonding, and putting crowns on broken or chipped teeth.

Family dentists can help with problems like sleep issues because they provide nightguards. They also are there to help as your kids grow up in sports, providing mouthguards. A family dentist who provides 24/7 emergency services is crucial because a mouth injury or infection can occur at any time. You want an office that can provide services after-hours.


Family dentistry is a great place to show your children they don’t have to be afraid of the dentist because family dentists and staff are also trained to deal with children and their unique oral healthcare needs with compassion and friendliness.

Preventive Therapies

One reason a family dentist can be a great choice is that the dentist can start exams with children and have more knowledge of their needs in the future when they are pre-teens and teens.

For instance, your child’s first orthodontics exam should be when their permanent teeth start erupting. A family dentist can perform the exam and help parents make a plan based on what they see. That allows parents time to budget for future orthodontics and knowing that orthodontics will be done in the same office helps them plan better.

Trust Built

It takes time to build a trusting relationship with a dentist. Having one professional to take care of your entire family ensures that someone you trust is caring for their needs. It also means that you and the dentist can build a long-term patient relationship, which helps as needs change through the years.

Building a relationship with one dental office also helps when dealing with the financial aspects of procedures. A staff member who knows you and your family well can offer a variety of options that suit your budget easier than someone they have to get to know to provide good options.

The Practicality of a Family Dentist

Having one dentist for the entire family can be highly practical. You go to one location for all services, and your appointments for everyone can be scheduled with one staff member so they won’t get confused. Plus, you won’t have to go to one side of town for a dental appointment for younger children and run to the other side of town for an orthodontic appointment. A family dentist makes life simpler.

Do You Need a Family Dentist?

Those who specifically want a family dentist are typically those who want someone who can care for their parents, themselves, and their children. However, that doesn’t mean you must have a family to utilize a family dentist.

You can go to a family dentist at any age and with almost any type of dental need and know you will be taken care of.

You can make an appointment at our family dental office for any dental need you have. We would love to serve you. Contact our office to set up an exam and consultation!


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