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Bitewing X-Rays: Technology At Its Finest

Everyone knows about X-Rays these days, but do we know about Bitewing X-Rays. These ones are specifically for oral care. Bitewing x-ray imaging is the procedure of preference for investigating the existence and degree of decay where back teeth touch each other and in addition it requires evaluating any bone loss.

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Floss or Prepare For Loss?!

When it comes to visiting the dentist every 3-6 months we know the drill. Our dentists always ask us if we have been flossing and of course most of us tend to lie and say we have when we haven’t, even though our dentists will know if we haven’t. But is flossing still important and

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Listen To The Wisdom of The Toothless Ones

Taking care and keeping up with the maintenance of your teeth is very crucial. No one enjoys visiting the dentist, but at the end of the day it is necessary. Probably one of the most common procedures that young adults and teens have to do is getting their wisdom teeth out. It’s not up there

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Avoid bad breath with these tips

There’s nothing worse than bad breath. One moment you’re having a delightful conversation with someone, then suddenly, after a garlic filled pasta, it feels like the whole world is wincing at your every word. It’s something that often goes unnoticed. For whatever reason people are afraid to tell their friends or significant others that perhaps

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Reasons why your teeth are so sensitive

If you’ve ever experienced a sharp jolt of pain while chomping into some ice cream, chances are you’ve got sensitive teeth. Don’t panic, it’s actually quite common. In fact according to a survey of U.S. dental offices, it was reported that one in and eight people suffer from over-sensitive teeth. The most common people being

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4 Basic Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Smile

Having a nice smile is incredibly important. It won’t only help you in the looks department, but it will also help prevent disease and tissue damage. For most of us, brushing in the morning and at night is pretty much all of the work we require. But in reality this is just the bare minimum.

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