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8 Common and Surprising Things That Can Ruin Your Teeth

In this article, you’ll discover some of the things that can ruin your teeth. Hence, it’s important to treat your teeth with care — after all, what affects the teeth also affects the body. According to the FDI World Dental Federation, “oral health goes beyond healthy teeth and a warm smile. The mouth is a

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5 Things Your Tongue Can Tell You about Your Health

The tongue is one of the most powerful organs of our body, but most people choose to ignore it. Your tongue can say a lot about your health, and it can tell whether your health is deteriorating or not. A healthy tongue will improve your overall health. According to National Health Portal: “Healthy tongue is

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Are Dental X-Rays Safe during Pregnancy?

Are you concerned that dental x-rays during pregnancy can cause harm to your unborn child? There’s no need to worry — because this article will guide you. Pregnancy is such a wonderful time for many women. They are very cautious not to do anything that may hurt the unborn baby. Some are afraid to continue

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8 Common Diseases That Cause Tooth Decay (And Treatments)

In 2016, a study carried out by The Global Burden of Disease revealed that half of the world’s population; about 3.58 billion people were afflicted with tooth decays. What’s more, another research embarked on in the United States by the Center for Disease Control showed that 95% of adults between the ages of 40 to

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10 Ways to Whiten Teeth in a Day and Keep Healthy Gums

Have you been wishing for dazzling white teeth but don’t know how to achieve it? Well, you’re not alone, According to studies carried out by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry a lot of people want a brighter and whiter smile. Hence, it’s no surprise that various whitening treatments are becoming so popular. Let’s have

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Do I need teeth Removal (A Dentist’s Advice)?

The teeth play a key role in our body. They make us look beautiful and most importantly, help to chew food for better digestion. In light of this, it’s crucial to take proper care of our oral health. Failure to do this can lead to catastrophic consequences. For instance, tooth extractions are the number one

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7 Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth and How to Stop It

Teeth sensitivity is characterized by pain when one takes something that is extremely hot or cold. Just a spoonful of ice cream can have someone on the floor writhing in pain. A sip of hot coffee can cause extreme pain in a sensitive tooth. How do teeth become sensitive? Tooth decay, a cracked tooth, worn

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Taunton Village Dental Certified as North America’s First Carbon Neutral Dental Office

Oshawa, Ontario — Taunton Village Dental is pleased to announce that it is the first dental office in North America to be certified 100 per cent carbon neutral. A community-focused dental practice in Oshawa, Taunton Village Dental is leading the way for environmentally-friendly, sustainable medical practices. “Becoming carbon-neutral involved modest changes in our practice’s behavior,

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15 Best Practices for Healthy and Shiny Teeth

Did you know that unhealthy teeth and gums can cause heart disease? Sure it can, according to Mayo Clinic. From the age of one year, children should be introduced to good dental habits. Good oral care prevents gum diseases, cavities, building up of plaques and also bad breath. According to CDC’s National Center for Health

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