Dental Veneers

Veneer or Not To Veneer? That Is The Question!

Before we get outweigh the pros and cons of veneers, you might be wondering why people get veneers. Teeth that are discolored, as of root canal treatment; stains from drugs, excessive fluoride; and the occurrence of large resin fillings that have stained the tooth. Lastly, teeth that are chipped or broken.

Here is a small list of the pros and cons of veneers:

  • Unsurpassedesthetics
  • Negligible tooth preparation


  • Low fracture toughness
  • Debonding of the veneer
  • Change in color

Case choice is the absolute most critical component that impacts the forecast of the polish. Polishes ought not to be put on teeth having vast rebuilding efforts or direct serious swarming. Nightguard (occlusal support) is an absolute necessity for individuals who have finished and grind their teeth during the evening.


Polishes ought not to be fortified (stuck) to dentin, dentin bond is feeble and the lacquer will in this way debond and be more inclined to repetitive rot. Most finishes will change shading extra time since their holding bond changes shading, a few concretes are more shading stable than others.

Quality and break sturdiness, and a reasonable negligible fit. However, it is the best clay for polishes, since it copies the characteristic tooth perfectly. Cracks in finishes are most generally because of defects in artistic amid lab manufacture, which went undetected amid cementation.

Polishes can change the disparities in size, gentle pivot, shading, and state of the tooth. In any case, in situations where adjusting teeth will include infringement into dentin or if the teeth are in an edge-to-edge position, the thorough arrangement ought to incorporate adjusting the teeth (orthodontics), increasing vertical measurement (prosthodontics), and even crown extending (periodontics).

So do a lot of people have veneers or have many gotten them in the past. Well according to an article in the New York Times, nearly 600,000 people had veneers in 2006, which is an increase of 15 percent from 2004.


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