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Top 10 After-School Snacks For Your Kids

School lunches have been heavily debated for some time, since they offer very little nutrition for growing kids. Unfortunately, bad eating habits are often perpetuated at home in the form of unhealthy after school snacks. Not only do unhealthy snacks such as potato chips, cereal, pies, bread and fruit roll-ups contain very little nutritional value,

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9 Steps to Overcoming Sugar Addiction

Research has shown that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. From a young age, we are rewarded for good behavior with sugary treats. It makes us want more and more and the more you have, the more of it you want. And it’s not only in candy but also in cakes, cookies, ice-cream and “healthy”

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3 Reasons to Get Braces in Summer

Orthodontists recommend that children be screened for orthodontic problems before they reach the age of seven, and for active treatment to start between the ages of 10-14. That’s when most permanent teeth have already erupted. However, sometimes, it is recommended that treatment is started early in order to take advantage of the jaws natural growth

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6 Reasons to Wear a Mouthguard During Contact Sports

Dental associations warn that everyone who participates in contact sports or any activity that could potentially damage their teeth, should wear a mouthguard. However, many people tend to rebel against what they know is in their best interest – it’s human nature. However, we’re here to try inspire you with the facts, so that you

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Top 5 Temporary Toothache Hacks

Toothaches often occur at the worst possible time – over a weekend when your dentist is closed, or in the middle of the night. While we don’t usually recommend frequent visits to Dr. Google, we’re glad you reached our site, as these tips for relieving tooth pain can actually help to provide temporary relief until

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