Is Fixing A Chipped Tooth As Easy As 1,2,3?

So picture this – You’re eating a piece of hard candy or some ice (which you probably shouldn’t be doing) and then you realize something out of the ordinary- you have a chipped tooth. But don’t worry as you’re not alone, and the damage of a broken tooth can be repaired. There are also things

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Proper Foods To Eat For Healthy Gums

We all know that brushing, flossing, and mouthwash are important for a healthy mouth and gums, but many of us are probably unaware that in order to maintain a healthy mouth there are certain foods and even drinks that you can start adding to your diet that will do wonders for you and your oral

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How To Tackle Oral Care While Away From Home

You’re on vacation and you start experiencing a painful toothache or other dental concern. The fear is that you are far from home and from your regular dentist. What should you do when you have a dental crisis? Here are some tips on what to do when you’re on the road and your teeth need

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Tips For Proper Oral Care

Most of us are pretty knowledgeable on how to brush our teeth. But chances are that you might be making some mistakes. It doesn’t hurt to improve your oral care. No one’s perfect so why not learn something new and give yourself the cleanest and healthiest mouth. Here are 10 tips to avoid mistakes with

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Oral Care Advice for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday is time to catch up with family members, eat an excellent feast of foods and most importantly consider all you have to be grateful for in your life. However, this celebration is no time to slack on your dental care! Having to deal with oral care would really put a damper

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Which Mouthwash Should I be Using?

The scope of mouthwashes can be overwhelming to another client, however as grown-ups of any age would profit by utilizing them, it is vital to locate the right one. The utilization of mouthwashes in normal oral cleanliness and the administration of oral conditions keeps on picking up ubiquity. The latest UK Adult Dental Health Survey

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How to Stop Bleeding Gums?

You’re brushing your teeth and notice blood when you spit out the toothpaste. You might also notice some bleeding when you floss. Although the smallest amount of blood might not seem like an issue, if your gums are bleeding time after time, the last thing you want to do is ignore it. Bleeding gums can

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Does Whitening Your teeth With Charcoal Work?

Are you looking to make your teeth whiter? Well as weird as it sounds, charcoal has quickly become a trendy, go-to ingredient. The absorbent substance is flaunted as a clarifying, cleansing agent that sucks out toxins. Sounds cool, but I’m sure we can’t help but ask ourselves, does it really work?

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The Relationship With Dementia and Dental Care

Great oral wellbeing for anybody is vital for general safety, prosperity, and personal satisfaction, as it offers huge advantages to self-regard, poise, social coordination, and general nourishment. Then again, poor oral wellbeing can prompt agony, tooth misfortune, sick-fitting dentures, and can contrarily affect self-regard, and the capacity to eat, chuckle, or grin.

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