Floss or Prepare For Loss?!

When it comes to visiting the dentist every 3-6 months we know the drill. Our dentists always ask us if we have been flossing and of course most of us tend to lie and say we have when we haven’t, even though our dentists will know if we haven’t. But is flossing still important and recommended? The answer to this question is a big YES! Taunton Dental assures you that the (CDA) Canadian Dental Association recommends flossing as one process of sustaining hale and hearty teeth and gums. Flossing without a doubt is an efficient defensive manner to get rid of plaque, which is the major source of gum disease. In addition, reduce the risk of gingivitis, and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

It’s not like dentists make more money from flossing, they tell you to do it and give it away, because they believe it works. Studies that are questioning flossing are inconclusive. Flossing is like a helping hand and guide for brushing. We floss after we brush, because brushing doesn’t reach between the teeth or those hard to reach places. It is vital that we brush, floss, maintain a healthy diet, and visit the dentist on a regular basis in order to sustain a healthy mouth. It is evident that once you take the f out of floss you get loss. Even skeptics of flossing say cleaning between your teeth is good for you, because the reality is that it is. The feeling or even the thought of having food stuck in your teeth is just uncomfortable.

As annoying as flossing may be, it only takes a few minutes to do and you’ll be glad to know that people have concluded that they find it beneficial. I really don’t think people would stop flossing just by some studies that are not even complete. At the end of the day, people are going to do what they want to do or what is part of their routine.

But is everyone actually flossing? Or do they actually want to? According to Health News From NPR, twenty-seven percent of individuals lie to their dentists regarding how often they floss. This really isn’t a surprise and twenty-seven percent actually seems low. In addition, more than a third would rather be doing unlikable chores. Fourteen percent would rather clean the toilet, which I find very hard to believe. Nine percent would rather sit in traffic for an hour; are you kidding me? And 7 percent would rather listen to small children crying on a plane. Honestly, a lot of these are quite shocking. For something that only takes a few minutes to do people would rather do things that are more unpleasant and take longer to do. I guess the world and mind works in mysterious ways.


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