Taunton Village Dental Certified as North America’s First Carbon Neutral Dental Office

Oshawa, Ontario — Taunton Village Dental is pleased to announce that it is the first dental office in North America to be certified 100 per cent carbon neutral.

A community-focused dental practice in Oshawa, Taunton Village Dental is leading the way for environmentally-friendly, sustainable medical practices. “Becoming carbon-neutral involved modest changes in our practice’s behavior, but those changes will have an outsized impact on our carbon footprint,” said owner Dr. Steve Mascarin. “We hope to inspire our team, partners and customers to take action in their business practices and personal lives. Small changes really do lead to big results.”

A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases released by individuals, households and companies through their consumption of fossil fuels — from driving a car to heating a home with natural gas to buying products made in fuel-burning factories. With the help of Carbonzero, a recognized agency registered with the Canadian Standards Association, the practice became carbon-neutral by:

  • Using Carbonzero’s analytics and data tracking capabilities to determine the practice’s existing carbon footprint
  • Implementing a paperless office
  • Promoting and using bamboo toothbrushes from sustainable sources
  • Investing in greenhouse gas reduction projects to offset the practice’s own carbon emissions.

Carbonzero’s carbon reduction strategies help companies “measure, manage, and mitigate their footprint,” says Dan Fraleigh, Chief Operating Officer. Carbonzero is a national leader in designing and implementing carbon reduction strategies for businesses and fostering a low carbon economy. The company sets industry standards for verified and measurable emissions reduction offsets in Canada.

Carbonzero offers its partners opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets: investing in real, functioning projects that reduce greenhouse gases and carbon emissions to compensate for their own activities. Projects include forest management and wind farm sponsorship.

Dr. Mascarin and the staff at Taunton Village Dental hope that other dental practices will follow their lead and take steps to reduce their own carbon footprint — it’s good for business and good for the environment.

About Taunton Village Dental

Taunton Village Dental is a team of highly experienced, friendly dental professionals who offer a community-focused family practice. Open seven days a week, the team ensures that you’ll never have to skip work or school to look after your oral health. Services include restorative dentistry, general dental health, cosmetic dentistry and preventative care and advice.

About Carbonzero

Carbonzero offers tools and consultation services to help businesses mitigate and eliminate their carbon footprint. They believe in only the most stringent verification practices and transparency — and they are transforming how businesses across Canada think about carbon emissions. Carbonzero works closely with each client to provide a bespoke, cost-effective solution for their needs.

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